The title of the organization shall be "STATE LINE RIDERS, INC." and its principal office shall be in the Town of Berlin, Rensselaer County, New York.


    PRINCIPLES: The STATE LINE RIDERS, INC. shall be a democratic non sectarian and non-political organization.

    OBJECTS: The aims and objects of the State Line Riders, Inc., shall be:

    To bring about and foster a spirit of unity, comradeship, and clean sportsmanship among its members. To educate members in the observance of the law and order, and in traffic regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles. To promote legitimate sporting events, club runs, etc. To acquire and hold such property as club rooms, furniture and trophies, purchased or donated, for the good and welfare of the club. To educate public opinion regarding the aforementioned aims and objects and to solicit their support for clean sporting events. To assist motorists who have met with accident or experienced trouble with their vehicles wherever possible. To operate entirely independently of any policy influence from manufacturers, dealers or other who might bias the operation of this club.



    The corporate powers of this club shall be vested in a board of seven directors who shall be members in good standing, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


    The directors, of which there shall be seven including the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Referee, Road Captain, and Sergeant at Arms, shall be elected by ballot on the first meeting night of each year by the members of the club, to serve for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. Their terms of office shall begin immediately after their election.


    Vacancies in the board of directors shall be filled at a regular meeting by a vote of the club members not later than one month following such vacancies.


    The Directors shall have the power to:

        1. Call a special meeting of the members of this club when they deem it necessary.

        2. Call a special meeting at any time upon the written request of five (5) club members.

        3. Conduct, manage, and control the affairs and business of the club and to make rules and regulations not inconsistent with the laws of the states or the By-Laws of the club, for the guidance of the officers and management of the affairs of the club.


    The duties of the directors shall be to see that a complete record of all meetings is kept and to present a full statement of the general condition of the club at the regular meetings; to supervise the officers; and see that the membership cards are issued. And they shall see that every member in good standing receives an absentee ballot at least seven days before the annual election.

    6. OFFICERS:

    The officers shall be, President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Road Captain, Referee, and Sergeant at Arms. They shall be elected by the active and live members; of which sixty percent must vote to make the election valid, and they must receive a majority vote. Nominations shall be held on the first meeting night of December and the elections shall be held on the first meeting night of January. Voting shall be by secret ballot. If any members cannot be present during the elections, the absentee ballot may be used if mailed to the club with the envelope clearly marked "ballot" on the outside.



        The President's duties shall be:

            1. To preside at all meetings of the members and board of directors.
            2. To appoint all other committees not otherwise provided for.
            3. To personally represent the club on proper occasions and business contracts.
            4. To assist all other officers with their duties if necessary.
            5. To vote only when one vote is necessary to break a tie.


        The Vice-President's duties shall be:
            1. To perform the duties of the President in his absence or when the President wishes to step down from the chair.


        The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be:

            1. To collect dues.
            2. To collect all other money due the club.
            3. To make payments from the club funds only when so ordered by the club.
            4. To give a report of the financial status of the club at least once a month.
            5. To sign all checks drawn on the club bank account.
            6. To keep a record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors and of the meetings of the general membership of the club.


        The Corresponding Secretary's duties shall be:

            1. To receive and read to the members all communications and to attend to all club correspondence and to perform all other duties as may be required.


        The Road Captain's duties shall be:

            1. To record names of all riders reaching destination of club runs, and keep a permanent record of all members attending official runs for the purpose of awarding trophies.
            2. To change destination or discontinue any club runs for good and sufficient reasons and shall use his best efforts to notify all riders of such change.
            3. To make a report of club runs at the next succeeding meeting and shall announce the time and meeting place for the start of the next run.
            4. To use his best efforts to keep the members together, care for their welfare, inform them of proper routes, to take and have full charge of all official club runs.


        The Referee's duties shall be:

            1. To have general supervision over all competition events sponsored by the club.
            2. To render decisions pertaining to illegal equipment, or unsafe equipment.
            3. To render decisions if a dispute regarding competition rules arises. The decision must not be inconsistent with the club or A.M.A. rules.


        The Sergeant at Arms duties shall be:

            1. To assist the President in keeping order.
            2. To make preparations for voting.
            3. To guard the club from intrusions during meetings.
            4. To have charge of the visitors.
            5. To carry out such other duties as may be required of him.



    Membership shall be open to anyone of good character and responsible age, who is fully acquainted with, and is interested in, the policy and aims of the State Line Riders, Inc.


    Active membership shall be open to any active motorcyclist or motorist who wishes to participate in club or open invitation events. Active members shall have voting powers.


    Non-resident membership shall be open to all former members who have moved one hundred miles or more away from Hoosick Falls, or to members who are serving in any branch of the armed services.


    Life membership shall be open to any person who has been an active member in good standing for fifteen years, and is acceptable to the directors. Life members shall retain all the privileges of active members.


    Honorary membership shall be available to any person who has rendered distinguished service to the club or by virtue of position has advanced the interest of the club or motorcycling in general.


        1. Each candidate for membership must be proposed and seconded and must be personally know to the proposer
            and seconder, both of whom shall be members in good standing.
        2. A member in good standing and not indebted to the club may resign his membership by giving notice to the
            Treasurer, who shall report at the first following meeting of the club. A member who has thus resigned shall
            forfeit all rights and privileges of the club and shall forfeit all right, title, or interest in or to the property of this
        3. The board of directors may suspend or expel a member by unanimous vote at any meeting of the board for
            failure or refusal to discharge his indebtedness to the club or for conduct prejudicial to the welfare, interest,
            order, or character of this club.
        4. Each member upon his election and after he has signed the Roll Book of this club shall receive, and there shall
            be issued to him a due card, showing that he is a member in good standing of this club, in order that he may
            obtain the privileges of the club. It shall be the duties of the members to carry the club due card with them at all
            times. It is also the duty of each member to notify the Treasurer of any change in address.
        5. The board of directors may reinstate any member expelled for nonpayment of dues upon receipt of TEN
            ($10.00) DOLLARS.
        6. The non-resident membership shall be dues free providing he or she was a member in good standing at the
            time of application for non-resident membership.
        7. Honorary and Non-Resident members shall be exempt form all dues. They shall be entitled to social privileges of
            the club, but can not hold office or have voting powers.
        8. Lady members are entitled to all privileges of the club, and shall pay $5.00 annual dues.
        9. Any member whose dues shall remain unpaid shall receive a notice from the Treasurer informing the member
            that in January, his membership dues must be paid.


    AMENDMENTS: This Constitution may be altered or amended at a meeting of this club by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing at a regular meeting, posted and read to members at three previous meetings.


    1. MEETINGS:

        Regular meeting of this club shall be held on Thursday evening of each week at 8:00 p.m. except during the months of October, November, December, January, February, and March; the meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month.


        1. Roll call.
        2. Reading of minutes of the previous meeting.
        3. Application for membership, and the election of new members.
        4. Reports of committees.
        5. Reading of communications.
        6. Bills.
        7. Unfinished business.
        8. New business.
        9. Treasurer's report.
       10.  Adjournment.


        1. When the President takes the chair and sounds the gavel and shall say "The meeting will please come to Order."
        2. On roll call, each member shall answer to his or her name.
        3. The minutes are read, and errors are corrected and the minutes are accepted.
        4. Candidate for new membership shall be voted upon by the members by secret ballot and will be accepted by 90% vote.
        5. All committees report each week unless otherwise designated.
        6. Communications are read, but no action shall be taken until the class of business is in order.
        7. Bills shall be disposed of by majority vote of the members present.
        8. All unfinished business shall be mentioned and further or final action taken.
        9. New business is brought up in the form of a motion, and must be seconded by another member. If it is not
            seconded, it is not to be entertained. The President shall state every motion before putting it to a vote and if
            there is no further discussion, he shall say, "Is the club ready for the question?" The President shall declare
            the result of the vote. When a member desires to speak on a question, he must first rise and address the
            President. He must confine himself to the question under debate. The President shall determine who is
            entitled to the floor. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received but to postpone. All
            questions shall be decided by majority vote.
        10. The Treasurer shall report on the financial condition of the club up to the present meeting. He shall read the
              names of all members over 60 days in arrears in dues.
        11. If there is confusion or disturbance at any time, the President may call for a point of order.